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MSP_ECMP_OFFLmE_3.3.4.1                       DOWNLOAD

MSP_ECMP_Online_V5.5.5.9               Download


New UCL                                                       Download

Digi Pay Driver                                              Download

Morpho Driver                                              Download

child enrolment client apk              Download

Aadhaar Child Enrolment Tablet                Download

Windows-Client Version               DOWNLOAD 

Adhaar ECMP                             DOWNLOAD

Download AADHAAR Enrollment Client & Required Add-ons
DescriptionDownload Links
New – Aadhaar Client (Full Package, with biometric device drivers – 762 MB)

New – Aadhaar Client (Setup only, without drivers – 375 MB)

Click Here to Download

Click Here to Download

Aadhaar Child Enrolment Client for Tablet ( released on 21 Sep 2017Click Here to Download
Master Data & Name Dictionary 
Master Data (Upload Date : 18 Sep 2017)Click Here to Download
Name Dictionary (Upload Date : 24 Aug 2017)Click Here to Download
Registrar Data
MP State Government Project (820)
Registrar Data for 1508-AISECT LTD. (Upload Date : 24 Aug 2017)Click Here to Download
Bank of Baroda (648)
Registrar Data (Upload Date : 18 Sep 2017)Click Here to Download
Dena Bank (618)
Registrar Data (Upload Date : 24 Aug 2017)Click Here to Download
SFTP Client v3.2.5 & Access Database Engine
Aadhar SFTP Client v3.2.5 (21 Oct 2015)Click Here to Download
Access Database Engine 32-bit (26 MB)

Access Database Engine 64-bit (28 MB)

Click Here to download from Google drive

Click Here to Download

Other Utilities & User Manual Videos
Aadhaar Enrollment FormClick Here to Download
GPS Driver UGR 86Click Here to Download
Aadhaar Enrollment Margdarshan VideoClick Here to Download
Microsoft .net Framework 4.0 (48 MB)Click Here to Download
Cogent Biometric Drivers for 32-bit & 64-bitClick Here to Download for 32-Bit

Click Here to Download for 64-Bit

Videos – How to Use & clean PVC PrinterClick Here to Download
Remote Software – Anydesk (Recommended)Click Here to Download
Remote Software – Ammyy AdminClick Here to Download
For Tablet – TeamViewer QuickSupport (Android – Download)


Demo Video

Click Here to Download

Download from GOOGLE PLAY

Click Here to Watch

Logitech Webcam SoftwareClick Here to Download
How to validate signature of E-Aadhaar LetterClick Here to Download
WinrarClick Here to Download for 32-Bit

Click Here to Download for 64-Bit

Form for Adding Supervisor and OperatorClick Here to Download
SFTP 3.2.5 new DB file (6 Apr 2017)


1. Replace sftp.accdb file in C:/Program Files/UIDAI authority of India/Aadhaar SFTP Client 3.2.5

2. Start and register SFTP Client.

Click Here to Download


1] ECMP      (नवीन उपडेट ३.३.३.३)

2] Master data

3] Registrar data

4] Name Directory


1SFTP 3.2.5 Download

2] Access Database Engine

3] ACCDB File Download (New)


1] Remote Desktop Software

  1. A)Ammyy Admin| B) Any Desk

2) Adobe Reader